Commercial Real Estate Acquisition & Disposition


If you are an investor looking to purchase an asset in the market to expand your portfolio or a medical practice which is looking to acquire your own real estate investment, CNK Realty can help you find that perfect investment. With extensive knowledge of the market, we can show you what is available that can fit your needs and negotiate the best terms on your behalf. With relationships with local architects, contractors and engineers, we can assist with the necessary estimates of what may be needed to complete your investment and finish it to your standards.


If you are a investor looking to sell your real estate investment for whatever reason, CNK Realty will represent your property in the market through direct communication with potential buyers and online advertising. CNK Realty maintains an extensive database and direct contact with potential investors to help maximize your return on your investment by obtaining the best terms possible for you the seller and doing so as quickly as needed. If you are considering selling your asset and would like a market evaluation of your property or if you are looking to invest in commercial real estate as an investment or location for your business, please contact CNK.